About Carleton Landscaping!

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring back our fragmented forests and ecosystems throughout BC, through the use of native plants and chemical free gardening practices.

Our Philosophy

We love the forests and nature of our beautiful home in the Pacific Northwest, and feel strongly to preserve and care for the green space still remaining. The earth has been damaged by civilization, but through proper care we can coexist in harmony with nature. The promotion of Native Plants is our attempt to help remedy the habitat loss caused by modern agriculture and urbanization. Together we can patch the broken habitats and ecosystems of the beautiful Pacific Northwest the way they were meant to be.


If you care about the environment, choose a Gardener who shares your commitment.
We've only got one Planet. Landscaping the old way is pretty hard on the environment. That's why Carleton Landscaping is taking every green step we can. In May 2016 we were certified by Douglas College Residential Landscape Technician program, so you have complete assurance that our design will work hand in hand with your garden and the well-being of the planet.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Meet our Team

Carleton Landscaping Kevin JinnKevin Jinn is a landscaper who is passionate about plants. He grew up across the street from a forest, and spent many days waking up to the sound of birdsong in the morning. Fast forward to 2013: the forested lot was bulldozed and 6 new houses were put up. This sparked his desire to create homes for the displaced bees, birds and wildlife that had become "homeless." Kevin has studied Ethnobotany and Ecology at University of Victoria, and has completed the Residential Landscape Technician diploma at Douglas College. He is also a practiced photographer, artist and designer, graduating with a Bachelor's of Visual Arts from the Simon Fraser University. All of the design, drawings, and photos on this site are produced by him.

Along with a passion for landscaping, Kevin also manages a native plants demonstration garden at his home in Burnaby, B.C., featuring over 140 species of native plants. Carleton Landscaping was started as a homage to Carleton Avenue, the street where Kevin first started his landscaping business. It is his dream to have a native plant in every garden across Canada. Help him help you make this possible.

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