A Solution in Cedar!

September 18th, 2017

One of our most rewarding parts of being in the industry is working with homeowners to redesign stale living spaces. Here is one problem a client had for us - a 10' high overgrown cedar hedge keeling over 4' from the harsh winter into the tiny backyard.


The answer? A Russian man with a chainsaw.

Carleton Landscaping Garden maintenance.

The Cedar hedge spanned 40', and altogether we removed almost 400 kg of yard waste.

Carleton Landscaping Waste Removal.

With the hedge controlled, construction can begin, starting with concrete foundations and wooden posts.

Carleton Landscaping Cedar Fence Construction


Below, Boss Ron (of RNET Artisans) hard at work constructing the panels.

Cedar Fence constructionStaining the fence



Three coats of stain were applied to the fence for protection from the elements.

Cedar Fence Installation

Nearly there!

Carleton Landscaping Cedar Fence installation.

The finished installation: 6.5' Stained 3 coat Premium cedar fence.