A concept plan Start to Finish

January 31st, 2018

How I draw Landscape Designs with Photoshop

This is my start to finish process of a subcontracting commission for a home in White Rock, BC. I had free control to design the space, and was only asked to keep the Japanese garden theme. The original space had lots of pots, Japanese garden Zen garden artifacts and other random objects, so I removed most of the items for a minimalized look. Many gardeners seem to have this habit of adding as many items into their landscape as possible, be it plants, objects or anything else, but this can actually lead to an overcrowded look. Right now, minimalism is in trend. This decluttered look helps to redefine the space. I also spent some time on Youtube learning how to do Architectural lighting drawings so that I could show off the landscape lighting at night.


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Outline sketch of the property

This is my sketch of the property, which is drawn using Adobe Photoshop. I sketched out the main outline of the property, excluding the extra objects. This meant that all the planters, garden landscaping, and wierd Japanese zen features (Lanterns, rock obelisks, bonsai in pots; everything stereotypical you could imagine, was there) were removed.

The front garden is overrun with weeds

Base Coloring

Once the coloring was done, I began to redesign the space.

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ReDesign of Hardscape Paths

I like the idea of flagstone paths, so I replaced the brick with the irregular shaped hardscaping. These stone paths are easy to walk on, and look great after a glistening rain shower, shiny and dark.

architectural landscape design,landscaper,landscaping,design,photoshop,sketch,drawing, coloring, Japanese garden

Japanese Garden Redesign

Here is the garden with a simple featureset: A couple of water features, moss covered sculpted rock, landscape lighting, bamboo fencing, a pond in the corner, and very simple landscaping: boxwoods, Japanese bloodgrass, cottongrass and Iris. We may do a couple of revisions after we show the client, and if so we have already agreed that there will be additional compensation for any more work to be done.

Carleton Landscaping shrub and tree removal.

Japanese Garden Redesign, Night

Although not required, I decided to go one extra step to render the design at night. After searching on Youtube on How to do Landscape Lighting, I found a video I liked and spent another 2 hours rendering the nighttime lighting effects to my image. This was my first time doing the lighting effects, so I believe next time I will be much faster doing this. Total time spent was probably around 8 hours from start to finish. I love the way that this Nighttime shot turned out, and will definitely add lighting effects to my drawings in the future to sell landscape lights!