Garden Landscaping Timelapse

May 31st, 2018

Landscaping Maintenance Cleanup

Spring cleanup of a property in Burnaby, BC. It is a good idea to trim cedar hedges at least once a year. Controlling their height at a reasonable level will save on maintenance costs in the future. Once they get taller than 25ft, it becomes much more expensive to hedge. We also removed all the leaves from the rock garden hardscape, and trimmed some tree branches encroaching on the neighbour's property. This was all done using battery powered electric power tools. Hurray for clean energy!

Landscaping installing Paving stones

Landscaping installing Paving stones removing grass

Left photo: The clean garden beds with leaves removed from the rocks. Right photo: Tree branches responsibly removed from property to be composted at Still Creek Yard works.

Landscaping installing Paving stones.About a foot taken off the top of the cedar hedge around the front of the property, and the sides all trimmed back.