Light it up!

August 2nd, 2017

Here is one of our favourite projects from this year. Working with the client's needs to produce a 'visually striking, low maintenance' garden, here is some of the documentation of this project. It is always nice when you are given full control in the garden design, and everyone is happy with the way the house looks now, including the neighbours!


The original garden bed needed a cleanup. It also had some old landscape lighting that was no longer functioning.

Carleton Landscaping Garden maintenance.

Almost all of the previously installed plants, now completely overgrown, were taken out. Replacing with low maintenance native plants will save the homeowner time and money on annual cleanup.

Carleton Landscaping garden design.

The garden bed design also needed to be rethought out. The brick edging and plants had all been installed by the previous owner, and the eventual size of the palm trees hadn't been taken into account. The trees were simply too big for the garden bed, basically growing right against the edge of the brick. I simply extended the garden bed to achieve a cost-effective solution. As a design choice, I also relaid the brick using a gentle curve for softer corners, in contrast to the previous owner's right angles. Palm trees are playful, leave the 90 degree angles for traditional French gardens!

Carleton Landscaping Design Plans.

Landscape Visual Concept Plans.






Before starting on construction, we produced both Artist renderings and Visual Garden Designs for the client.

Western Bog Laurel, Kalmia polifolia

Prickly Pear Cactus, Opuntia fragilis

Western Bog Laurel and Prickly Pear Cactus are some of the native plants installed for both aesthetics and low maintenance.

20 Vista Outdoor Landscape Light fixtures

Time for the lights to go in!

Carleton Landscaping Installation day.

The finished installation, with Vista brass outdoor Landscape Light fixtures.

Installation at night with the satisfied homeowner.

Photo op of the night of installation, with the homeowner and the designers!


The backyard was also in need of a makeover. The homeowner didn't want something that required mowing and maintenance from the dreaded European Chafer beetle, which already had been destroying the lawn. Working together, we decided on a Succulent, beach themed garden with a Zen feel.

Prickly Pear Cactus, Opuntia fragilis

Let's get cleaning!

Rough concept plan for the backyard

A blank slate

Computer drawing of the Succulent plant design

We started with a number of concept designs which we walked the client through so that we had an understanding as to what the final product would look like. We chose 4 drought tolerant types of native succulent plants for the groundcover.

Raw landscaping materials: Sechelt sand and gravel

Carleton Landscaping Installing the landscape materials

One yard of Sechelt sand, half yard of Pea Gravel.

Carleton Landscaping Installation in progress

Black Anthracite Clayfibre planters

The black planters give the space much needed definition.

Black aluminum edging and High Polish Charcoal pebbles

Broadleaved Stonecrop, Sedum spathulifolium

Black Aluminum edging lined with high polish Charcoal pebbles. Broadleaved Stonecrop is one of the succulents that will thrive in Sechelt sand.

Carleton Landscaping Complete Design and Install Day

Carleton Landscaping Complete Design and Install Night.

The finishing touches placed 4 Aluminum pathlights into the planters, which are also filled with sand and planted with Junegrass to complete the look.

Black aluminum edging and High Polish Charcoal pebbles

Broadleaved Stonecrop, Sedum spathulifolium

Unique Lighting Systems Pathlights and the wavy Junegrass seedheads