New Backyard Makeover

April 19th, 2018

Removal of a lawn and reseeding

We were asked to remove an existing lawn that had been wrecked by chafer beetles and reseed. This was a big task because it was a 2500 square foot lawn.

Landscape lawn before

You can see the damage from the chafer beetle, and the poor yellowing of the lawn area in general

Landscaper loading up truck

We needed a number of tools to do the job properly. Here is Kevin with a sod cutter loaded up in the back.

Landscaping sod disposal bin Using the sod cutter to peel away the existing grass, the waste was wheelbarrowed into a yard sod bin to be disposed of.

Landscaping lawn rototiller We then used a rototiller to cultivate the exposed soil. We always try to use green, fossil free methods when possible. Unfortunately, they don't have electric rototillers and sod cutters as far as we know, so we did use gas machines for this job.

Landscaper raking lawn

Braden hard at work with the rake! Soil is leveled and raked with landscape rakes.

Landscape lawn cleaned The lawn is prepped.

Landscape lawn installation The lawn and garden beds weeded and cleaned, and new soil put down.

Landscape lawn before

Landscape lawn before

We also transplanted blueberry shrubs into the raised beds above the lawn. The weed barrier fabric is tamped down into the soil by 8 inch spiral nails.

Landscape lawn installationThe garden beds were cleaned and we used biodegradable cardboard sheet mulch for organic weed prevention.

Landscape lawn installationThe finished makeover. A native Red fescue seed was sown into the lawn area after it was leveled with a lawn water roller.

A YouTube timelapse of the lawn renovation.