Clean Energy Tools

Our Commitment to the Earth

Carleton Landscaping believes in sustainable, environmentally friendly company practices.

We have committed to using clean energy equipment and tools whenever possible. It is the core of why we started landscaping in the first place: To take care of the Earth.

Our Current Equipment

We use fossil fuel free power tools for our tree and hedge trimming services (Up to 25'). This includes electric battery hedge trimmers and pole saws, hand pruners, and hand saws. Our cleanup and maintenance jobs always use cordless Lithium-ion battery powered Leaf blower and hand brooms for a quieter cleanup. We are reducing our carbon footprint on the Earth by skipping the pollution and harmful fumes from gas equipment, each time we work for you. Carleton Landscaping has invested in the full line of Stihl Commercial grade battery tools that we use to get the jobs done.

Landscaping Tree Trimming

Silky Hayauchi 21' Extendable Pole Saw

Stihl HTA 85 Pole Saw and H

Stihl BGA 85 Blower

Stihl HSA 85 Hedge Trimmer HTA 85 Pole Saw BGA 85 Blower