Frequently Asked Questions

If I am planting native plants and they're so great, why do I need a landscaper?

Unfortunately, the soil is your garden is no longer native. The land has been graded, smoothed and then filled upsidedown, with new soil trucked in for homebuilding. Almost everything that was originally here has been replaced. Simply planting a few native plants in the space may not be enough anymore, as the sunlight, soil and drainage conditions may be irreversibly altered. Restoring your garden to a natural, low maintenance native planting now requires planning, knowledge, and expertise to get it done right, the first time. A landscape professional can work with your site to design a plan that will work with your existing soil and light conditions, recommend native plants that would be suited for your space, and then complete the installation for you. At Carleton Landscaping, we take pride in sound ecological restoration that is beneficial for you and the planet.