Grammanoids (grasses, sedges and rushes

Lemmon's Needlegrass

Achnatherum lemmonii - Lemmon's Needlegrass

Columbia Brome

Bromus vulgaris - Columbia Brome
Great restoration grass with seedheads that songbirds enjoy. Gentle spreader for open meadow habitat and not as aggressive as Califoria brome.

Dewey's Sedge

Carex deweyana - Dewey's Sedge
An open woodland grass.

Green sheathed Sedge

Carex feta - Green sheathed Sedge
Wetland sedge for moist places. Rare.

Sun Sedge

Carex inops ssp. inops - Slough Sedge
A native sedge for sunny, dry locations. Garry Oak Ecosystem Meadow component.

Kellog's Sedge

Carex kellogi - Kellog's Sedge
Sun, wet areas.

Lyngby's Sedge

Carex lyngbyei - Lyngby's Sedge

Slough Sedge

Carex obnupta - Slough Sedge
Sun, wet to 5ft good for erosion control and swales.

California Oatgrass

Danthonia californica - California Oatgrass
Sunny well draining slopes and meadows. Seedheads are a favourite of birds. Has a difficult germination process that is best left to nature to propagate. Garry Oak meadow component.

Tufted Hairgrass

Deschampsia cespitosa - Tufted Hairgrass
Sun, moist soils. Showy 4ft bunchgrass with attractive seedheads.

Blue Wildrye

Elymus glaucus - Blue Wildrye
Sun, dry grass to 5ft with good seedheads for songbirds.


Eriophorum angustifolium - Cottongrass

Red fescue 'Molate'

Festuca rubra 'Molate'- Red fescue 'Molate'

Roemer's fescue

Festuca roemeri - Roemer's fescue
Great restoration and erosion control bunchgrass for dry slopes. Garry Oak meadow component.

Crinkle-awned fescue

Festuca subuliflora - Crinkle-awned fescue

Alaska Oniongrass

Festuca subulata - Alaska Oniongrass

Meadow Barley

Hordeum brachyantherum - Meadow Barley

Dagger-leaf rush

Juncus ensifolius - Dagger-leaf rush
Small sedge for wet sunny areas.

Slender rush

Juncus tenuis - Slender rush


Koeleria macrantha - Junegrass

Many-flowered wood-rush

Luzula multiflora - Many-flowered wood-rush
Woodland, good for dry shade and seeds will spread easily. GOE meadow component.

Alaska Oniongrass

Melica subulata - Alaska Oniongrass

Smallfruit bullrush

Scirpus microcarpus - Smallfruit bullrush