Did you know it is cheaper to buy plants from a landscaper? Not only do we have greater access to rare plants, but we also are able to sell you plants for cheaper because we buy in bulk, direct from wholesalers. In fact, many of my favourite native plants that I commonly recommend to customers are propagated myself, in order to save you time and money!

With climate change, fossil fuels and other environmental issues more important than ever, clients expect green solutions. Carleton Landscaping prides itself in using cost effective, aesthetic and environmentally beneficially plants of the Pacific Northwest. Wether you have a big or a small space, shady or sunny site, moist or dry conditions, there is a plant that we can suggest that will thrive in your home.

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Know where your plants come from! Most plants you buy from retail nurseries are shipped hundreds of miles to your store, using fossil fuel consuming shipping with trucks. I keep inventories on all my plants and can tell you the local seed source if requested. I purchase only from selected native plant nurseries within B.C., and if possible, use plant material and seed stemming from local sources. And they are always grown spray and chemical free.