MEADEDALE Residences


A complete Garden makeover for a friendly design next to a woodland glade. Installation of three new Perennial Native plant raised beds with Boulder and river rock edging and Wooden frame edging. Weedy lawn was replaced by a New Native No mow mix installed as a turf grass alternative.

  • Before.
  • Garden Construction
  • Bulk materials
  • New Garden Bed installation.
  • New Garden Bed Lasagna sheet mulch with cardboard.
  • New Garden Bed installation.
  • New Turf Installation.
  • New Topsoil installation.
  • Completed 4 inch layer removal
  • Completed half moon bed.
  • Sedum spathulifolium in rocks.

Raw materials: 10.5 yards of native topsoil harvested within the Vancouver region. 2 yards of 2-6" river rock. 7,400lbs. of halfman boulders. Wooden composite board edging.

Carleton Landscaping does bulk materials delivery.

Two and a half pallets of boulders and two bags of river rock delivered for the product.

Bulk Topsoil delivery.

Delivery of the 10.5 yards of native topsoil. We needed two seperate vehicles to take all the materials to the site.

2-6 inch river rock.

River Rock gives the borders a feeling of movement and unpredictability againstt the immovable borders.

Completed Garden Landscape Installation.

Year 1 of the Project.

Wildlife Pond Design and Build

concept plan, garden design, landscape design, frog pond

concept plan, garden design, landscape design, frog pond

pond build, desing and build, frog pond, installation, landscaping

In 2017 the client asked for a pond installation for the front yard. After rendering a concept and site plan, checking the digging requirement and discussing the design, we had the go ahead. The 8x4 pond was completed in one week, and cost less than $3000 to design and build.