VISCOUNT Residences


This client runs a business from his own home, so wanted something presentable, tidy, and well designed. The wife wanted habitat for birds because we were removing 4 existing trees. Carleton Landscaping was given free reign in the design, so we recommended native plants that would be best for songbirds, a local Douglas fir bark mulch and topsoil blend, and lots and lots of color and all season interest design choices.

Front Yard Before

Backyard before.

Front Yard After

Landscape Installation SpringLandscape Installation in Spring. Yellow Monkeyflower, Rosy Plectritis, thrift, Wooly Sunflower, and one lone Alaska Wild Iris in bloom. The tufted hairgrass are a great structural plant that adds texture to the landscape while the other shrubs develop.

Landscape Installation SpringLandscape Installation in Summer, second season side profile. Sedum, Seaside Daisy, California poppies, Alaska Wild Iris, Wild Bergamot and Clarkia are some of the forbs. Japanese Maple, Lewis' Mock Orange, Red Flowering Currant make up the shrub layer.

Landscape Installation Spring

Raw materials: 6 yard of douglas fir Bark Mulch, 3 yards of Garden Topsoil, over 220 native plants and shrubs, Concrete Paver stones.