Sustainability Commitment

Our Commitment to the Earth

Carleton Landscaping believes in sustainable, environmentally friendly company practices.

We started our business with the Earth in mind, and our business practices reflect that. Here are some of the ways we prove everyday why we are a company that cares.

Native Plant Program

We always recommend native plants and trees whenever we do design and installation, and offer native alternatives whenever possible. These plantings help repair Vancouver's fragmented ecosystems, conserve water (native plants survive with natural rainfall), lower chemical use (native plants do not require fertilizers or herbicides), and benefit wildlife and biodiversity. Furthermore, the native plant nurseries we purchase from are local, reducing emissions from the big box nursery trade.

Recycling Program

We recycle and responsibly dispose of every material used on the job site. Green waste is composted into the appropriate municipal depot. Every plastic planter we use is collected and recycled into a plastics recycling depot. Scrap metal, batteries from our recharable tools, and cardboard is also collected for recycling. If you want to join us in our initiative, here is the local depot that accepts recycling:

Burnaby Eco-Centre

4855 Still Creek Drive, Burnaby, BC (8am to 4pm)

Clean Energy Power Tools

We use fossil fuel free power tools for our tree, hedge trimming, and leaf removal services. Our cleanup and maintenance jobs always use battery powered Leaf blowers and hand brooms for a quieter cleanup. We are reducing our carbon footprint on the Earth by skipping the pollution and harmful fumes from gas equipment, each time we are on the job.

Landscaping Tree Trimming

Silky 21' Extendable Pole Saw

Stihl HTA 85 Pole Saw and H

Stihl BGA 85 Blower

We take pride in investing in clean energy power tools to reduce our carbon footprint.